The Legal Nuggets Ltd (TLN) is a networking, professional training and development organization for the legal community. We believe in creating a culture of relationship-building and learning; that is why our training and professional development programs harness the knowledge of more experienced lawyers to enhance the skills of lawyers and students at law and provide them with the resources needed to have a more successful career and education respectfully.

We develop training programs (customized or off-the-shelf), provide resources and a networking platform for businesses, governmental agencies, non-profit organizations and professional bodies with identifiable needs.

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Become a member of TLN and have access to legal training and our Nigerian networking platform in a few easy steps.


To be recognized as the preferred continued legal training, networking and consulting company in Nigeria with quality service and leading-edge innovation.


To provide legal training, consulting, information and a networking platform to the Nigerian legal community and Nigerians in general. We believe that legal knowledge is important for full and equal participation in our society. We further believe that sharing of information and networking among lawyers is necessary for the growth of the country in general and the Nigeria’s legal community in particular.

Core Values

With a focus on continuous self/team development, we propel ourselves and stop at nothing until we get the best. Our programs and services measure up to the highest professional standard while being of quality and cost effective. Staying relevant to our clients and members is a high priority.

We promote an environment that allow for the thriving of creativity, innovation and positive change. We actively encourage the sharing of ideas, skills, knowledge, continued learning, teamwork and collaboration. We accommodate the plethora of strengths and perspectives of our members.

The four corners of our professional foundation are built on consistency, fairness, ethical responsibility and accountability. Because we understand the importance of integrity, we stay committed to being veracious.

Our growth depends on our clients and members. So, we take our relationship with them seriously. We continue to aim for excellence in customer service through effective communication with our clients, genuine respect for all, demonstration of courtesy to all and the sharing of knowledge with the goal of identifying, preventing and solving problems.

Making Nigeria and the world a better place is consistent with our goal. To achieve this, we believe in leading by example and providing our expertise to every member, community, organization, agency, business and individual we come across. We strive to empower the present and future generation through the sharing of our knowledge and expertise.

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