Training & Professional Development

At TLN, we believe that providing employees with the opportunity to grow and develop is important to sustaining business success and retaining productive employees. We assist organizations to create a continuous learning culture which contributes to employee value proposition and increases retention with employees who are eager to continue learning and growing in their careers.

We also provide team building sessions and facilitation of retreats to align and engage employees thereby improving collaboration and decision making within the workplace.

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Online Courses

Our well-designed and comprehensive courses are encompassing and relevant to modern-day law practices. We have a team of professional trainers with deep knowledge and quality experience in the legal field. We take into consideration trends in global legal practices in the development of our courses and programs.

The topics are overarching including some of our off-the-shelf courses – Legal Writing, Family Law and Divorce, Family Court Practice, Contract Law, and so much more.

Coaching and Mentoring

We have a growing team of successful lawyers and other professionals who are willing to coach new and passionate lawyers while enhancing the lawyers’ skills and providing them with the resources needed to have a more successful career.

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