Honor Onyebuchukwu: What I Will Tell My Younger Self

I speak from my heart taking into consideration my numerous experiences and indeed personal perception of life.

What you cannot achieve in life is what you have not pictured, imagined and worked towards. You are created to rule your world and your environment.

It is apparent that Three Personalities will play vital roles in your life journey.

1) God

You must prioritize the Almighty Being in your life if you must have good Success. He has the compass of your life and so it behoves on you to trust Him with your life. Both riches and honour come from Him.

2) You

This is the most important personality in this conversation and oftentimes ignored.  There’s a purpose why you are created. It is innate, search or find it.

There is something you are passionate about, you love and you can do effortlessly, look for it. That tells you that you are not an accident.

Remember that God made you in His image and likeness. The image and likeness is found in the creative nature or ability of God. The greatest gift God gave you is your imagination.

Whatsoever you imagine, if you set goals and targets, work hard towards it, you will achieve by the grace of God. It is through imagination that inventions come to fruition. Imagination is the foundation of every creativity.

Daily confess to yourself and your environment that you are not limited by anything or anyone. You are unstoppable. “I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me”. The sky is not my limit but my stepping stone.

You can create a great future for yourself through your vocal cord.

Race, Colour, Gender and even Age should not deter you from reaching your greatest stardom in life.

3) Others

Learn to love and respect other people. God will obviously position some people as dream and destiny helpers for you but you must walk circumspectly in wisdom.

Good counsel from others can help you navigate in the issues of life.

Avoid being cut in the web of public opinion. You must be dead to it otherwise it will derail you and you may even die in the process. Public opinion can be the albatross in your life journey if you accommodate it. Avoid it like a plaque.

This reminds me of the time I ventured into Politics, too many conspiracy theories filled my ears. Many people tried to talk me out of it. Some people said Politics is a dirty game, some said it is a death zone while others said it is not meant for a Christian like me.

But the more I hear these things, the more I am convinced to move on. The conviction you have in life will be a driving force. I use as a base what I received from God to go ahead with anything that is godly, legal and moral.

It is to your advantage to choose your friends wisely and anyone who does not add value to your life should not be around you.

The key qualities of honesty, determination, hard work and selflessness must form the foundation, the bedrock of your life.

In conclusion, you must be conscious about your future, you must be deliberate and intentional about it, you must determine from the onset on where you are heading to. The great future that awaits you, that you want to see, is in your hand.

Honor Onyebuchukwu

Ihuoma Okorocha & Co
El-Shaddai Chambers
Lagos, Nigeria

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