Justice Olabode Rhodes-Vivour retires from the Supreme Court having reached the age of 70

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A Justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, Justice Olabode Rhodes- Vivour retired from the Bench of the apex court on Monday, March 22, 2021 after clocking the mandatory retirement age of 70. A valedictory session was held in his honour and was led by the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Ibrahim Muhammad (CJN). The CJN described him as one who is physically energetic and never gets frightened by any form of challenges. Rhodes-Vivour in his response ascribed his success to God, said he was never absent from duty on account of ill health in all his years as a judge.

He went further to appeal to the Judicial officers to be very critical of the constitutional provision of stare decisis. He stated that the principle of stare decisis is outdated and should be laid to rest. Stare decisis means ‘’stand by your decisions and the decisions of your predecessors decisis however wrong and they are and whatever justice they inflict’’

We at the Legal Nuggets, wish His Lordship a happy retirement.

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