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Johnson Babalola

Chief Executive Officer

Johnson Babalola is the President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of The Legal Nuggets Limited (TLN). An international lawyer, Johnson is also the Group Managing Partner of Topmarké Attorneys LLP; a boutique law firm with offices in Canada and Nigeria. He has over 30 years of legal, business, and corporate training experience. Johnson’s primary areas of legal focus encompass all aspects of Canadian immigration law, workplace investigations, and management training. Highly respected by his clients, colleagues, and staff, Johnson had been a sole practitioner and a partner in a previous law firm before coming together with two other lawyers to start Topmarké Attorneys LLP in 2016. He also previously worked as a Canadian Immigration Consultant and a founding partner in the law firm of Babalola, Odeleye, Toronto, Canada.

Johnson has appeared before the Federal Court of Canada and a variety of tribunals. He represents clients in matters relating to Canadian immigration and refugee law, writes on immigration and settlement matters, and was once the editor of a newspaper on Canadian immigration and settlement matters: ImmigrationNews. He travels out of Canada frequently to present training seminars and seminars to prospective immigrants. Johnson also writes regularly on social issues.

Johnson is well recognized for his mentorship of young and internationally trained lawyers and he is currently working on a regular mentorship platform for young and foreign-trained lawyers.  An advocate for diversity rights and inclusion, he is on the board of Women Focus Canada, a non-for-profit organization that focuses on the overall health of women and other non-profit and business organizations. He is also a Board member of the Canadian Association of Nigerian Lawyers.

Johnson holds a degree in law, certificates in Mining law, immigration law, Workplace Investigations, Negotiation Fundamentals, and counseling. He is a member of the Ontario (Canada) and Nigerian Bars. He is also a member of the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD).


  • Board Member, Canadian Association of Nigerian Lawyers (CANL)
  • Board Member, Women Focus Canada (WFC)
  • Member, Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD)
  • Member, Toronto Lawyers Association (TLA)
  • Member, Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers (CARL)
  • Member, Refugee Lawyers Association (RLA)
  • Member, Law Society of Ontario (LSO)
  • Member, Nigerian Bar Association (NBA)

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